Thursday, May 25, 2006

My new house, become a pit stop for people with court dates.

Well I had an eventful weekend of getting moved into my new house. Im real happy to finally have my own room now, and not a twin bed inside a dorm room. It feels real good, my weekend was pretty much devoted to moving with a little bit of drinking and biking here and there.

My friends Conor and Emily came up on monday night because they had court the next day because of MIP's that they recieved earlier in the year. We hung out and drank some beers that night and had a middle of the night pizza. The next morning we went to the Bread Board to get some coffee and pastries, 3 cups of coffee is a good cure for a hangover let me tell you.

The next day I had work over at I-bike all day followed by a group ride with the Roubaix Bicycle Company that evening. It was a lot of fun, actually got a very good workout in. I am going to start making that a regular thing. If anybody wants to come they are Wed. nights at 6.

I saw this picture on cycling news today. Cool picture of Marco Pantani. For those of you who don't know who he is, one of the best climbers in the world. Anywho I thought it was cool. Adios

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Training Program

Well I had a conversation with Corey about a training program for cycling next year. I've decided that I am going to do it. It may be tough but I could use a challenge in my life. I started my program yesterday and I went on a ride with Brian and Dana. It was pretty fun, the flat fairy was not helping Dana on this ride he had a total of 3 flats on the day. So this ride that was pretty short ended up turning into a long one. It was still fun, great to finally get out on the bike again it had been to long. Only problem with this ride for me as I had eaten just about nothing but 2 Clif Bars all day. Don't do that it sucks.

Later that night I went and hung out at T-bone Ranch Apartments to hang out with my friends Shawn, Jason, and Pat. It was pretty fun there was a little party going on and good to hang out and meet new people.

I had good intentions of getting up and going on a ride this morning but when I did wake up my legs hurt pretty bad. I should have just gone anyway but I didn't. Well I'm actually going to get up tomorrow and go on a ride so if anybody wants to join me give me a call.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Living at Corey's

Well I have temporarily moved into Corey's place until the 20th of May. The weekend started out with work at I-Bike with my new job there. My job couldn't really be going better, the days seem to go fast and I love what I'm doing. On sunday I hung out with my friends Pat and Danielle and went to the Olive Garden for lunch. Man that beats the dining hall food. Monday morning Corey returned from the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico. We decided to make a pizza that morning and called Brian over to join us. We ended up indulging in some 40's and watching wedding crashers. On Tuesday I had the day off and a group interview at the Texas Roadhouse. It went pretty good because I got a call the next day for a second interview.

Unfortunataly, I have not been on the bike lately as much as I should. I think I made my decision on the bike that I am going to get. I am thinking the Cannondale Rush 800 full suspension bike might be my next mountain bike. We shall see, well I am off to work. If you have any road races you know about clue me in.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

schools out for summer

well school is finally out. Thank the lord for that one. I have been burned out on school pretty much since the first week back from Christmas Break. So that is definately a relief. I had a lot more work at I-Bike this past week, it was a lot of fun, I am learning more and more every day. Getting moved out of my dorm turned into an ordeal that took a lot longer then it should have. But I piled all of my shit into my friend Shawn's car and brought it over to Corey's where I will be living for a little while. Thanks again Corey for letting me live with you for awhile!

Well I was thinking about taking out a credit card to pay for the mountain bike that I plan on buying soon. That way I can have the bike during this summer and I can start preparing for mountain season. I am still debating whether I should get the hardtail or the full-suspension. Well I am off to dive into a good book. Leave me some comments about my decision on the mountain bike

Thursday, May 04, 2006

UW and Finals Week

Well the University of Wyoming race turned out to be quite the race. We woke up saturday morning with it pretty cold outside in Laramie. By the time we got up to where we were actually going to race we were sitting at a comfortable 25 degrees. Wasn't very pleasant to say the least. The course consisted of about 23 miles of downhill then you turn around and go back up. It took me about an hour to go downhill 23 miles. As soon as I turned around I was met with a headwind that didn't really stop until I made it back to the finish line. My ride time was 3 hours and 12 minutes and it was not that fun. Oh well those can happen.

We decided to ditch out on the TTT and just get some rest and save ourselves for the crit the next day. The crit was a lot more fun than the road race for sure. It was flat all the way around, only problem was is that it started at 7 am. We all started together and I ended up dropping out of the race about 3/4 of the way through because I was not feeling so hot. Anywho, Albert King ended up taking 5th overall in collegiate racing C's this year. Congrats to him. I was pretty pleased with how my season went, this year was a learning experience for me and with every race I felt better. My goal is to lose some weight this year and work on some climbing. Well good season.

Well this week was my favorite week of the year in college...FINALS!!! Ya they have been going pretty good I took 2 on monday, 2 on tuesday, have wednesday and thursday off, and then Bio on friday. I started at I-Bike yesterday afternoon and had a lot of fun, it will be different doing a job that I actually enjoy. I go in today again as well I have a feeling it is going to be a good summer of work.

I started moving some of my stuff over to Corey's today because I'm living with him until I can move into my house on the 20th. Thanks Corey!