Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wearing down

Well all the racing is starting to wear on me and its starting to show a little. Which is why I havn't been updating, not a ton to write about. I had races in Co Springs, and one in Highlands Ranch as well. Those didn't go great, so I won't even talk about it. This weekend of Thanksgiving I did a race nice and close to home by Dakota Ridge High School. I took it pretty easy as far as riding during that week, and I definitely feel like that was just what I needed. Out of the gate I was sitting top 3 and feeling really good. We had been snowed on here in town and it had just started to melt. Needless to say it was pretty muddy out. I drifted out of that group and into some chase groups as well. The wind was blowing really hard going into the finish line. I was in my smallest gear the whole time up that stretch. Still managed to lose a lot of time and places. By the time I rolled into the finish I was somewhere in the top 15 I think. Overall not so bad, I felt super strong on parts of the course. On other parts I felt like crap, but thats all part of the game. Well thanks for reading, Ill try to get some pics up from my upcoming vacation to Vegas. I leave on Sunday, boy do I need a vacation.
PS. New songs for your listening pleasure too.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bad Luck

Well sorry for the hiatus on the updates, I have had a busy couple of weeks. The weekend right before Halloween we had a day off of racing due to the Velo-Swap on Saturday, and the annual Boulder Reservoir race on Sunday. I attended the Velo-Swap with my little brother and one of my buddies from the bike shop. I really wanted to score some new shoes while I was there, but couldn't really find any. My dad bought an old TIAA-CREF Javelin team frame from last year, and it had Troy Wells name plate on it too, but the price was right and I think he will be building it up soon.
Sunday was the Boulder Reservoir race in North Boulder. I had very high expectations of myself for this race, because it was one of my best all of last year. We had a field of about 80 or so and we were off. I was sitting about 5 rows back which wasn't great but I figured I could make up for it in the barriers and the run up. Out of the gun there was a crash right in front of me, and I had to come to almost a complete stop to avoid the crash. I got around it, and got on my pedals to try and catch the main group. It didn't take long to make it up to people, and I started trying to move up through the field. I hit the sand run up, and I knew that is where I could do the most damage. This same thing continued every lap, and I cruised in for about 34th. Not to bad considering how bad my start position was.
This past weekend was a UCI event, put on by the DBC events. I had worked 40+ hours early in the week, and despite Corey's advice to pre-register I never got around to it. I get to the Reservoir for the Redline cup. Cat 4's closed, at first I'm thinking, this sucks I can't race. Then the registration lady says, "Cat 3's are still open." I said, "Okay." I didn't want to miss out on racing, so what the hell. Anyway, I got staged almost in the back row, and I told myself that I was going to race my race and not let it get to me. I actually felt pretty good through the first few laps, Colin Don and I were staying together, moving up slowly. Then it happens, I pinched my rear wheel, luckily I wasn't to far from the pit. But by the time I had made it to the pit, my front had flatted as well. So I cruise into the pit, get my two pit wheels, and continue. I got passed by the leader, which means I had one to go. I finished my one lap, but not to sure where I was as far as places. Getting lapped with one to go wasn't that bad considering a double flat.
Sunday was the Boulder Cup down near Fairview High School in Boulder as well. Same venue as last years Grand Prix that came through town. Since Cat 4's were full that day as well, it was going to be another day of suffering with the 3's. I got just as bad as a starting position as the day before, and we were off, I tried to stay with a group of guys that looked strong, and successfully did, for about 3 laps. When I was going around a corner I had a guy come up on my left to try and take the same line as I was. In the process my tire rolled off of the rim, and my challenge blew up Greg Keller style. I was very close to the pit, and was able to make a quick change of my front wheel. I didn't make it back to the group I wanted too, but I did make it back up to the kid who caused me to crash. I passed him, and was trying bridge up to the next group. When he passed me he did so a little to close, and got something caught up in my front wheel. Luckily nothing broke, and when I was going through the finish I got pulled. Nothing like a little bad luck for the weekend, but at least the Elite men's races were fun to watch. Thanks for reading.
PS I got a new link check it out. Some new songs as well. I try to indent all of my paragraphs but it doesn't seem to be working.