Monday, February 25, 2008

Rocky Mounts Group Ride

I attended another another Rocky Mounts group ride this past weekend. We rode up to Carter Lake and back, and I am feeling every minute of the 4.5 hours I spent in the saddle yesterday. It was great to get to chat with some of my new teammates and I'm so excited for the season to get up and rolling. The weather was great until the last hour or so. All of the sudden the wind hit, and it seemed relentless. It was a wind that reminded me of a race I did in Wyoming a few years ago, Corey and Dana know exactly which wind I'm talking about. But I made it back to my home destination and made my way back to Littleton.
I'm sitting at school right now, procrastinating on the studying that I have to do. I just want to wish my good friend Thomas Kelly a fun and safe trip to Europe. He has said that he is going to be writing a blog, so hopefully I will have a link up soon. Until then, thanks for reading. I got some new songs as well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well I have finally got some consistency back in my life again. I have been able juggle school, riding and work and it all seems to be going great! I'm finally enjoying everything in school which is a big change from school in the past.
On another note, riding is going great and I'm looking forward to my season this year with Rocky Mounts. I think that I have decided that my first race is going to be the DU collegiate race at City Park. Anyway thanks for checking in and check out my new songs as well.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Homework, and lots of it

Well I spent this past weekend skiing up at Beaver Creek with a couple of buddies, and Koch offered up a place to stay up there as well. One of the better times I have had skiing in years, waste deep powder in spots, and making your own tracks! Only problem is driving home afterwards, 4.5 hours home is not my idea of fun at all, but that is the price that you pay I suppose.
Other than that I have gotten bombarded today with more homework then I know what to do with. Online Quiz today, paper due next Monday, and a test on Thursday. To top it all off, I have work for 2 days this week, all while trying to fit in riding. Pretty lame for sure, and not looking forward to much of it. Anyway enough bitching for me, I'm off to hit the books and try to get ahead of the game a little bit. Thanks for reading, and check out my new songs as well.