Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, my last post I was talking about how nice the weather was. Today is exactly the opposite; High of 34, with gusts up to 40 mph, wind chill 2 degrees. Seeing as today was my day off of school and work, I had a long ride planned. Looks like I'm riding inside, lame. At least we aren't in Durango though, check out Todd Well's blog, they are getting a taste of what we got in Denver last year.
On another note, how about Team Quick Step? They are killing it at the Tour of Qatar and they have already blown the race apart. Here is a pretty sweet article from VeloNews about it, pretty impressive to say the least. Well time to take the dog on a walk, and its roller time, thanks for checking in.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well things have changed since my last post. First, the weather finally took a turn for the better in the past few days. I haven't had to ride inside once this whole week! I had an awesome ride today in Boulder with my new team today, couldn't have asked for better conditions. We had easily 25 to 30 people with us off and on today. I wish that we could get a group like that here in Denver, but who knows.
On another note, I started up school this week, and I'm already enjoying class more than ever! Well I'm off to hit the books, then maybe a movie night will be in store. I managed to not bring my camera on the ride today. Next ride I will have pictures up for sure.

P.S. Congrats to Lars Boom on winning world championships today. What a ride! Check out my new songs as well, they are good.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

2 posts in 24 hours. Coincidence? I think not

Well I woke up to a fresh layer of snow today,
So far I have blown off hitting the rollers and killed a good portion of the morning drinking an entire french press, and reading the paper.
Well I have killed all of five minutes trying to avoid the rollers, but here goes nothing. Maybe I will even have three updates in 24 hours...

P.S. I threw a bunch of new links up on my page, check them out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Taking a little break

Sorry for the hiatus on the updates, but I have been busy. With the combination of the closing the temporary store at Park Meadows mall for St. Nicks, I put in a ridiculous amount of hours at work, all while trying to put base in there as well. After what seemed like a never ending week at work, I decided to take some time off before school starts this next wednesday. Some of my best friends from Socorro, New Mexico came up for a few days and spent some time in Colorado. We spent one day downtown and went to the Denver Art Museum, which I have never been too. One of my good friends Neil is an aspiring architect and had heard about the remodeling of the Denver Art Museum and really wanted to see the building and the artwork. Got to check out some really interesting pieces from just about every race and culture out there, highly recommend checking it out. We spent the next day skiing/snowboarding at Keystone, where we had an awesome day for sure. Back in the day I spent almost every moment of my free time up in the mountains snowboarding. Since I went to college and picked up cycling, snowboarding took a back seat and I hadn't done it more than a couple times since then. We had an awesome day on the hill and it was great to spend it with all of my good friends. The last day of their trip we made our way up to Ft. Collins to my younger brother, Andrew's house to go hang out and see the town. It was really good to see them and I hope that I can see them again soon.
After Ft. Collins I went to Greeley to see some friends and see the old stomping grounds. I caught up with Mark down at the International Bike's new location in Greeley. I then went to the Rio with Scott, and Dana. There is where I finally had my first Marg that everybody is always talking about. I'm pretty sure that it lived up to all the hype that everybody gives them. Afterwards, we went to a friend of mine in Greeley, and we had fun there until the late hours of the night. The next day Scott and I braved the cold weather and went and visited some people in town for a little while as well. All in all it was a great few days off, I saw some old friends, and made a lot of great new ones, all while getting some solid chamois time in as well. Thanks for reading, and check out my new songs as well they are awesome!

P.S. The picture on the bottom is of my friends, my brother and I. I never get any comments anymore, I hope it changes.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Getting Back to It

     Well I'm starting up the base today for road season, which means the party is over.  I havn't ridden my bike in about 3 weeks which is never good.  I'm mostly drinking beer, and eating...alot.  I started my first day of base off right when I cooked  a calzone this afternoon, hello delicious.  Brought me back to the days in Greeley when our training food was calzones and pizza.  Anyway, time to jump back on the horse and get to it again.  Other than base starting up, life is as usual.  With the holidays over St. Nicks won't be taking up as much of my time, which is always good.  With Christmas money and some savings, I managed to order a SRAM Force Group online.  I can't wait for it to get here and put it all together.  Well I'm off to hit those rollers on the cross bike, thanks for reading and check out whats on the pod as well.