Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring is here

Well Spring has officially come in Littleton, it has snowed a bunch, and been 80 degrees all in the same week! I havn't updated in awhile, but then again I havn't raced much either. The last race I did was the Boulder Koppenberg earlier in the month. The race was a lot of fun, and ended up being one of the better ones I've participated in this year. The course is mostly flat with one power climb that is over 17% but is very short. My kind of course for sure, I didn't end up getting in the action that much, and stayed in the group for most of it. I came to the front a few times near the end with a few teammates trying to bring the break back. I finished somewhere in the middle of the group and by the end I was pretty spent.
Since then I havn't raced much but have had some time on the road bike here and there. I started my new job at Littleton Cyclery and it couldn't be going better. I get a deal on parts again, and have lots of fun. A new cross bike could be in the works as well.
School is finally winding down a little, finals are in a couple of weeks! I'll get some pics up soon of the Mtn Bike trip to Fruita, Thanks for reading.

P.S. A couple new links on my page, as well as new songs to listen to.