Friday, December 29, 2006

Snow...I don't like it much

Well I have spent the last two weeks of my base training on the rollers...I'm pretty sure I forgot what it was like to ride outside. What are you going to do...I'm pretty done with the snow here though for sure. It just keeps coming down and won't stop!
Well with the exception of all the snow and riding my bike, I'm officially not coming back to Greeley next semester. School didn't go great this semester, and I'm not about to live in the pit that I call my house in Greeley anymore either. Not to mention practically sharing a house with my ex. So this made me make the decision to come back home to Littleton and go to Metro in downtown Denver next spring. Its gonna be tough leaving Greeley because I had a lot of great things there, but school needs to come first, so school comes first. Thanks for checking in

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Base Training and Finals

Hey all time for an update. Well I started my base training and I have been going for just over 2 weeks now. Its pretty tough to do, and it takes its toll on your body. I think I am getting used to it at this point, so its getting better all of the time. Aside from the bike, I managed to pull of some not so good grades this semester. I don't really understand how I did how I did in some of the classes, but live and learn I guess. This obviously means that I need to study more because Im not doing it enough. Well Im off to work hope everyone has a good holiday...thanks for checking in