Thursday, August 24, 2006

School is back in session

Well I should probably be apologizing to my many faithful readers yet again for my lack of updates. I have had a busy couple of weeks as far as helping out my grandfather in Santa Fe after his knee replacement surgury. I have been able to get on the road bike a little in the past few weeks to finally get some hill practice in. I have never been very confident on hills at all, so I am trying to do them as much as possible. Havn't been on my mountain bike since my little tumble and need to get back out there, so hopefully I will get some MTBing in this week. I'm hoping to do a lot better mountain biking this year. I was in no kind of shape to ride last year, and with as much as I have been riding I see it turning out pretty well. The bike pics will be up soon I promise.
On a sadder note, our house seems to be the place that cops love to show up at. I recieved a ticket for an MIP and an unlawful noise charge. The court date is September 25th, 2006 so wish me luck. thanks for checking in. School starts on monday!

PS. It is my 20th birthday on friday, so if you have any cards to send...sent them to

B-day Boy
1851 11th Ave.
Greeley, Co 80631

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


For my many active readers (Brian) I apologize for the lack of updates. Not a whole lot been going on lately, just work and trying to stay on the bike. Mountain bike "training" is going pretty good I'm getting out quite a bit and feeling more comfortable all the time. I went out with Scott and Corey today and about 200 yards out we had a mechanical on Scott's bike. Only to find out that his hub was cracked...didn't know that was possible. So Scott rode back and Corey and I rode to the top of Coyote Ridge. When we got to the top Corey asked if I wanted to race to the car. I accepted and took my 30 second handicap that he gave me. About 30 feet down I dumped it harder than I have in a long time. It hurt for sure and was real shakey the rest of the way down. Afterwords we went to Feighny's and he gave us a glass of wine, and we all met the Feighny's new baby. We hit the Chipotle after that and indulged in some delicious food. Well I should be updating more soon, and I thought that I should do a bike review of my bikes...because it is an excuse to will be coming soon