Thursday, October 19, 2006

Golden Gate Buff MTB

Well I participated in my last collegiate mountain bike race this season. It was in Golden Gate Canyon about 15 miles from Golden. I have a grim memory from this course from the previous year. Here is a small flashback...The course consists of a very large uphill near the beginning, no switchbacks, just straight up. I got about three quarters of the way up, legs locked up on me, keeled over on my bike and puked my guts out. I laid there and collected my thoughts for a few minutes. Used a good old goo pack, finished my 1 lap and called it a day. Today I hoped to finish the race. My parents and my puppy chester came out to cheer me on and hand me a water bottle.

The start
On this particular course I had to do 3 short laps, at about 3.5 miles a piece. Right out of the gate it seperated pretty quickly, and I found myself around about 3 other people, one from CSU and another from Metro.

I was going so fast my mom couldn't keep up with the camera, she can only catch my dust

I got my game face on here, not to sure how my mom got the picture, I was going so fast I'm not sure how she got it!

Chester cheered me on of course

The Finish

I was pleased with my performance and I crossed the line in 9th place. I didn't get to race as much mountain bike that I wanted to, but my fitness has moved a ton since last year. I'm doing my first cross race this weekend wish me luck!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Its Cold

Well I woke up on sunday morning/afternoon after a heavy night of drinking. Only to find it was raining and cold out but that didn't stop Scotty and I from going on the ride of a lifetime.

In other parts of my life, I have a lot on my plate right now with school and all the drama going on in my life. It is pretty much like a real world episode in my house. I won't get into details, but I want out of my house pretty bad right now. Wish I never moved in with everybody. Maybe it will get better but I kinda doubt it. This kind of thing makes me want to leave Greeley sometimes. But I have made a lot of other great friends that I would hate to leave. Ill figure it out i guess