Monday, April 30, 2007

Durango Road Race and Mad Cow Classic

Well I will start off with the road race in Durango. This was one race that is definately intimidating but yet one that I felt like I needed some redemption from last year. I had been trying to psych myself up for it all week, with trying to work real hard on my climbing skills and I think it actually helped that day. We had roughly a 28 mile course, over the course of 4 laps with roughly 900 feet of climbing on each lap. As you can see from previous posts, climbing isn't exactly my forte. As soon as we hit the first hill the field exploded which was to be expected. I hung with the main group part way up the climb and later got gapped a little, and couldn't quite hang on. I finished by myself but was relieved to find out that I had made the top 10 which was more than I could ask for. I actually felt like I could hang onto a strong pace climbing which has never happened before, so hopefully I can make more happen there next year.

Onto the Mad Cow Classic in Grand Junction where this years conference championships were being held. I left Denver very motivated for the weekend, and eager to try and do well. The road race was the same course as last year with a lot of small climbs, large downhills and a sprint finish. I got spit out the back on the first climb, and ended up chasing the majority of the race with a few teammates and a guy from Utah. About 3/4 of the way through the race, I saw people pulled over everywhere, I found out later that apparently a local decided to sabatoge the course. It sucks when that stuff happens, but luckily I wasn't one of those guys and I finished in the chase group for 13th place I think.

Last but not least was the Fruita Loops Criterium in downtown Fruita. This was a race that I had been looking forward to all year, with that being my best race last year. The course was flat with a few 90 degree turns and a long straitaway with a roundabout on the opposite end. As far as a course for a rider like me goes it couldn't have been better. The race started pretty fast with the CSU guys setting pace on the front and taking turns attacking. I was sitting in just trying to stay in a good position and hopefully get a leadout from my teammates. My team was doing perfectly chasing attacks, counterattacking and just making it hard for everybody else. Then with 6 laps to go a kid from Wyoming touched wheels with another rider, and ran into me trying to catch himself. My wheel was bent and my brake was engaged due to a dust cap in my shifter breaking loose, and getting caught in the wrong place. I pitted and Corey changed my front wheel and pulled the dust cap out of my shifter. The referee came up to us and said that we couldn't get anymore free laps. I think about it now and I get really mad, but it was one of those things that happens sometimes and all you can do is forget about it. It is what it is. It was a shitty way to end my collegiate season, but overall I felt I had a strong season and was at a point where I could change the outcome of some races and that was my ultimate goal. I raced later in the Cat 4's to try and redeem myself, only got lapped once and didn't get pulled, better than any open race I have been in, so overall not so bad. I hope to get involved in some open races over the summer and try to gain some more experience. Getting on another team would be really awesome as well... thanks for checking in and I will try to get ahold of some pictures from people who have cameras.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Durango TTT and Crit

Quick update, took second in the TTT today with the metro team, I think if we work on it a little we could win next week in Grand Junction. Big improvement from last year yet again.
The crit went alright, 13th, riding for the teammates a more today, and didn't feel like a I had a good enough recovery between the TTT and the crit. But I'm off to bed, big Durango road race tomorrow and I need the all the rest I can get. Until tomorrow thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CC and Air Force

To all of my faithful readers, sorry for the hiatus, for it has been a busy couple of weeks. I spent this past weekend racing in Colorado Springs mostly hanging out with all the good people from DU. Good and Bad all around. The hill climb was cancelled due to ice on the course, so it was just a Crit and Road Race this weekend. The Crit went right through CC campus, with a 180 degree turn right near the gate, and a small hill and a small switchback power climb on the other side. Pretty fun course for sure and my result ended up turning out pretty well. Right out of the gate a break started with CSU starting and CU following with me trying to jump on as well. I was able to get onto the break, held on for about 3 laps and sort of hit a wall. I waited for a few chasers to jump on my wheel and was able to rest for a bit and recharge the batteries. One guy from CSU jumped on my wheel and we managed to make up some time on the break in front of us, but then on the climb he decided to attack?! Not sure why but he did, and I didn't chase. I waited again for more chasers, and I was joined by a kid from CC and David Leanord from UNC. We worked much better together, and ended up catching the kid from CSU who attacked me. We stayed together until the final 2 laps, then CC attacked on the climb, with CSU following. I didn't have much gas left, and cruised in for 5th place. I was pleased with my performance, ideally I would have stayed with the first break, but it didn't happen. Corey told me my tactics were very good, so more to improve on for next week.
Next day was the Road Race at Air Force. I came into it very mixed about how well I was going to do. First lap went pretty well with the pace real fast right out of the gate. A few attacks tried to go right away with no success from anyone who tried. On the first climb I got gapped out and it went downhill from there. I was joined with a kid from Wyoming who seemed to be in just as much pain as I was, so it wasn't all bad. We stayed together for most of the second lap, we both burned plenty of matches trying to catch the group. Then I blew up and had nothing left at all. So I dropped out with 1 lap to go. I hate to drop out, but I did and we all have at some point I guess. I just need to work on my endurance racing a little more. I feel I have been real strong in the majority of our crits this year so the road racing part is the one I need to work on. Especially with real tough races in Durango and Grand Junction coming up. I hope to have a good week of training trying to get ready for the big races this weekend in Durango. Until then thanks for reading...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Oredigger Classic

Well funny to think that about a year ago I weighed in at about 225 and I struggled to keep my bike going up a hill. (look back at March of 2006) and rode lookout mountain somewhere near 36 minutes. This weekend I weighed about 193 pounds I rode up lookout in under 28 minutes. So it is safe to say that I have improved a lot. Lookout went real well, wind was blowing pretty hard, but i suppose it could have been worse.
The next day I had the circuit race on the School of Mines campus in Golden. Not really my style of race with a real hard climb up one side and up to the finish. I hung with the group for a couple of laps but it was all that I had and ended getting dropped off the back. I cruised in for 16th according to one of my teammates. Not to bad, but either way I got a good workout in. Got this next weekend off for racing, I think a century ride might be in order for the coming weekend...