Friday, December 14, 2007

Not ending on a good note

Well my cross season ended this past sunday while I laid in my bed.  It had been a goal the whole season to have a top 10 at the state championship.  It really sucked having to be at home while everyone else raced in the freezing cold, I wanted to be there so bad, but it couldn't happen.  There is good news from the weekend though.  My little brother Eric, took 3rd at states and won the overall for BCR (Best Cyclocross Rider) in ages 15-16.  I couldn't be more proud of the kid.  He worked really hard and did well in races when they counted.  Not to bad for somebody's first cross season!  
        It sucks that I had to end my season like I did, but it just makes me want to work harder in preparation for next year.  I'll try to make it up on the road this year.  That reminds me, I will be riding for Rocky Mounts this year.  Thanks for reading

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Vegas, Snow, Sickness...

Well my small vacation to Vegas went off without a hitch. I think 2 nights is pretty much enough for sure. Our first night ended up being the most eventful my Uncle and Aunt met me and my buddies and we got to go a members only bar on the top of the Mandalay Bay. Lets just say we had fun.
Aside from that I came back feeling ready to go back to work and prepare for cyclocross state championships tomorrow. Only problem is I woke up this morning with a fever, cough, and overall not feeling so well. Right now our current weather in Littleton is 18 degrees and dumping snow. Tomorrow is probably gonna be a mudfest, and hopefully I will be able to race. I'm gonna rest up tonight, hopefully I feel better by morning.
P.S. I cut all my hair off on Thursday, and some new songs for you to listen to as well.