Saturday, September 29, 2007

In other news...

My chain didn't fall off once, even after the big crash, got that problem solved.

Boulder Research Park

Well it has been a solid day for sure, went into today's race in Boulder with a real solid week of training under my belt, and high hopes to do well. Had a fair sized field today and the course was way fun, with lots of turns, very technical, lots of fun stuff. My first lap went really well in the main group for the most part. Then when I'm making a turn onto the dirt part of the course from the asphalt and I stack it up in the dirt, pretty hard to I might add. I look down and see my left leg is mess. I almost got back on the bike and kept going but it just wasn't happening today. I found the medical tent and they patched me up as best they could. The first aid guy said I needed to go to the hospital and get stitches for the top of my leg. So I drove home to Littleton, and spent the rest of the afternoon in the ER. I don't have any pics from the accident, but I do have what I looked like when I got home from the hospital.

13 stitches later I'm good as new

It looked a lot cooler when it had all of my flesh showing, Scotty Boy can vouch for it.
The shin actually looks worse than the other cut, but its not.
Anyway its been a crappy day and I'm gonna get some sleep. I wish I could race tomorrow but I don't want to end up like this guy, who rode his bike with stitches, thanks for reading.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Foothills Cross

Well I didn't get that much out of this weekend other than 2 really hard workouts. Had a bunch of mechanicals yesterday, and was playing chase the whole race. Good news is that Eric Moore took 2nd, and my good friend from Latvia, took third! Good job both of you. Next week I will have better news I hope. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pikes Peak Supercross

Made my way up to the springs today with Eric Moore for Pikes Peak Supercross. I had intentions of doing very well, had a solid week of training, and a decent race last week. Well today didn't go as planned, felt like crap and couldn't ever get any kind of rhythm going at all. I felt like my first lap was pretty good, had good position on the start, and through the first barrier I ran through the weeds and dodged some people. After that I had a hard time making any type of large effort to stay with anyone. I got lapped by the leader with 1 to go. Really disappointing day for sure, and I am hoping I have a better day tomorrow. Eric on the other hand did really well and had an awesome first race, 4th place!
As for the race tomorrow I'm ready to rip the legs off of my adversaries. Last year this race was my last of the year, and it was my worst too. I'm super pumped, and got high hopes for tomorrow. Thanks for checking in, I'm gonna get some sleep.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sorry for such a late update, I have been crazy busy! Sunday was the much anticipated first cross race of the year. Good and bad all around, had some mechanical issues during the race, but overall had a lot of fun! Corey and I left Denver and made our way up to Breckenridge. Couldn't have asked for better weather, and a better place for a really fun cross course. I went into the race really excited for the first one, but not knowing how my first real race of the year would be, and where I was physically. I felt surprisingly well in the race, but my mechanicals started early and put a damper on my overall result. We determined later that my third eye chain watcher was sitting lower than in normally would in which case it wouldn't do its job correctly. This made for probably a dozen chain drops, which was also a result of how bumpy the course was. Overall it was a good first race, and with cross mechanicals are just part of the game. I bought a double chain ring set up the other night, and that should mean no more chain drops for sure. I know my fitness isn't quite where it should be yet, but I know I will feel better every race. Last year, I was getting lapped pretty quickly, I know that the only reason I was lapped on sunday was because of mechanicals, so nothing but good things ahead hopefully. I'm off to bed, training tomorrow and a long day of work. Thanks for reading,

P.S. I never thought it would happen, but Corey managed to find a rap album that I enjoy. Kanye West's Graduation. Check out my Ipod section as well, its been updated.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Autumn is here, couldn't have come sooner.

Nice crisp morning today, and had one of the better rides that I have had in awhile. Ive found my cross course that I will do my race workouts on near my old middle school not more than a few blocks from my house. I do need to build some porto-barriers to complete it, might be my saturday project.
Above are the new wheels that I finally got the other day...only problem is I can't use them! They are Dura-Ace 7800 hubs, wrapped in a black Mavic Open Pro, with wheelsmith black spokes. Turns out the Dura-Ace hubs only work with 10 speed, and 1o speed only. You can only switch out the free-hub body for one identical to it, because apparently they run an oversize axle shell which only allows that certain free-hub body. I'm trying to decide if I should send these babies back, and start from scratch? Or strip down the rear wheel and get a different hub? Sell them on Craig's List? Its a tough call and I'm not sure what to do, I would love to hear what you all think.

Above is a shot of the hub, and below is a shot of the rim.
If anyone is interested in taking these off of my hands, let me know and we can maybe work something out. Also does anybody have a similar wheelset (32 spokes) that they want to get rid of? Anywho I hope I get some feedback, thanks for reading.

P.S. I was reading Greg's site today and he found an article about the course for Sunday, looks like fun.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend in Ft. Collins

Well I had a weekend out of the ordinary in Ft. Collins. I drove up on Friday night to spend the night at my brothers house in Ft. Collins, so I could have a short drive to my races at Beaver Meadows this weekend. I had a awesome week of training, and was feeling in very top form. My hard workout on Wednesday on the MTB went better than ever and I felt very confident. Somewhere in between Ft. Collins and Beaver Meadows, my father's truck took a nose dive on me and I was stranded with no phone service, and a broken down vehicle. Luckily about 5 minutes after the incident a old man pulled over and helped me out. While we were figuring out what to do, a tow truck driver who was in the same vicinity stopped as well. He said that he was on his way to pick up somebody else and that he would pick me up on the way back. After waiting about an hour, he picked me up and we made our way back to Ft. Collins. I thought that AAA was going to take care of the charges but I was wrong. Apparently I am not a "plus" member of AAA so they don't take care of towing charges after 4 miles. I payed a whopping 93 bucks to get the truck pulled back, how wonderful.
Once I got back to my brothers house, I took a nap for a couple hours and then tried to figure out if I could find a way to the race the next day, or find a way back home. Since my brother was in Grand Lake I couldn't steal his car, so I tried to enlist the help of Dana. He decided to spend time with the wife and kids, instead of go to a bike race. So I basically sat on the couch and didn't do anything the whole weekend. On a brighter note I have my first cross race this weekend in Breckenridge. I'm super pumped for it, and I can't wait. I just got done with a run this morning, and I remember why I like riding my bike a lot more. It sucked and I only ran for like 20 minutes! Anyways, I took the day off of work today to get some stuff taken care of, and try to fight off this cold that I seem to be catching. Hopefully it doesn't get worse. Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Hey all, well I made the trek up to the high country this weekend for the final Mountain States Cup race. I stayed up in Edwards with Koch, Jeremy and Allez. I drove up on Friday because I had an early morning on saturday. I got up around 6ish, drove all the way to keystone only to find out that short track regestration was closed and I couldn't get in. I used the time to register for Sunday's XC race, and prerode the XC course for the next day. I found out later I rode the XC course incorrectly during warm up. Anyway later on Saturday we went to Oktoberfest at Beaver Creek drank a couple of beers and hung out. Later that night a few of Matt and Jeremy's friends came up from Nebraska, and also Dana. We went on a little pub crawl on saturday night, ended up coming back pretty late considering I had a race the next morning. I woke up about 6 or so and Dana and I made the Trek down to Keystone from Edwards. We got to the race feeling a little hung over, and morale was low for the race, but I opted to race anyways. The course was nothing short of very difficult. Lots of climbing on fire roads, single track, and very technical descents. The majority of the race was climbing and we actually end up climbing the entire ski mountain. I stayed with the main group for the first climb, and first descent. When we hit the second climb, I blew up and rode solo for the last part of the race. After the second climb, you descend down to the finish, very quickly. I finished, not sure where I did but I was pumped just to finish. After the race I drove home and me and the family went the Yonder Mountain String Band last night. Fun times for sure, check them out. Looks like I will be heading up to Ft. Collins this weekend for the Beaver Meadows MTB race. Then after that its Cross time. Thanks for checking in.