Sunday, May 17, 2009

Much needed update

Hey all, have not been around on the old blog for awhile so I am back. I finished up school this past Tuesday and finally had some time on my hands for the first time in awhile. Finally was able to head up to the mountains and hit the dirt on my MTB. Last week we went up to the Deer creek trail, and I was able to get some pictures from that day.
E-weakling railing the climb, with Dad looking on.

Hike a bike

The decent

In other news I finally got some new racks for my new car. Its the new Rocky Mounts pitchfork tray. I think they look pretty sweet:
The new car

In other news, if things go well I am going to be volunteering with the Wheat Ridge Fire Department soon. I really hope everything falls into place there, then I can finally get some first hand experience. Well I'm off for another MTB ride today, looks like we are going to be riding 3 sisters today in Evergreen. Photos and a report of the ride to come later. Thanks for reading!
PS Check out the new songs on my page.

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