Monday, November 03, 2008

RIP Redline Conquest 2005-2008

Well this kind of sums up my day on Saturday. My wheel started feeling like it was wobbling around quite a bit, and I assumed that maybe I broke a spoke or had a big hop in my wheel. I spun my wheel and it was fine. I looked down near my rear derailleur, and there is my seat stay split in half. I was pretty upset to say the least but it happens I guess. I didn't even crash, which doesn't make much sense for it breaking but who knows.
Luckily Girts let me borrow his rig for Sunday's Boulder Cup race at Harlow Flats Park. I was having a decent race out of the gate, and then I blew a tire about 3 laps in. I made to the pit and got another wheel and started chasing. I caught up to my teammate Anthony Carcella, and we rode together to the finish. I think we were the last 2 not to get lapped so not all bad for such an untimely mechanical.
Anyway I stripped down the frame last night so hopefully I can get a new frame via warranty. I took a couple of pictures a couple weeks ago when I had gotten my new parts for the bike. So I will leave you with a parting shot from then. Anyway thanks for reading, I should hopefully hear back from Redline about another frame soon. There are new songs for your listening pleasure as well.

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Koch said...

that blows. Sorry man.