Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn, my favorite time of year

Well fall has finally hit Colorado...kinda, (it was 80 degrees today). This is my favorite time of year and it always has been. I just can't get enough of the crisp days that you have outside. Unfortunately, the amount of time that I have to do what I really want to do in the fall has been ZERO!
School/Work, has completely zapped my schedule as far as riding, training, and racing in general. I want so badly to be on my bike as much as possible, but it just can't happen right now. Due to lack of time, and to the physical demands that school has been putting on me lately it just isn't working. It sucks that I have to rearrange my priorities so much, but I was going to have to think about my career one day I suppose. Anyway, enough venting onto news in my life.
I actually did get to race the first race of the season, 2 weekends ago in CO Springs. I didn't do very well, and suffered more than I have in a long time, but it was so good to get my hurt on in a cross race! I'm going to probably make it out to the race at interlocken this weekend, even though I lack any shred of cross fitness, maybe I will be the only one to ride the sand pit out of the Cat 4's like last year. If nothing else I am in good running shape from the workouts with school, being in shape on the bike is a different story though.
Anyway I have some new songs to check out, and hopefully I should have more posts coming. Thanks for reading.

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